Smile Makeovers

Are you unhappy with your smile or the look of your teeth?  Are they broken, short, uneven and just don’t seem to fit together properly?  Do you hide your smile?  Do you avoid smiling in photos?

Smile Makeover

At Murray Dental we have had a lot of experience with improving smiles. This sometimes can be an involved process,  the basic steps are:

    1. Your smile consult:
      In your first meeting, we explore your dental concerns and goals for your new smile. We will ask a series of questions, starting with your main concerns.  We create a holistic, custom treatment plan to restore your existing teeth and gums to their healthiest state.
    2. Your smile design:
      We will analyse your mouth, facial features, midline and symmetry when designing your smile. We want it to look completely natural and unique to you.  We will then do a ‘wax up’ of what we plan to do on some models we have made of your mouth and then make a ‘trial smile’ for you to have a look at, take home and show anyone you wish of what we are planning. It is important in this phase to think carefully about whether you wish to proceed with you individual plan.
    3. Your temporary smile: With temporary composite fillings/crowns and veneers, you can experience how it looks to smile, drink, eat and laugh in real-time. Together, we will refine and adjust until these until you feel completely comfortable and confident in your new look.  We also make sure that the teeth, jaws, muscles and joints all work together in harmony.  We then use this as a model to copy to your final smile. It is vital for us to have this temporary smile phase so that you have time to adjust to the new you and give us an opportunity to refine.
    4. Your final Smile:
      We make and cement permanent hand-crafted veneers and/or crowns and insert any dental implants that may be needed. We use our master ceramist in Perth to create the final result, using the very best of materials.  We pride ourselves in providing a pleasing, life like result for you that you will love showing off.
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